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Small paintings

When I started painting with oil in 2008 I started of with smaller canvasses, like 30 by 40. In hind sight I say that I was intimidated by the difficulty of the medium oil paint, and the financial cost of the paint and canvasses.  In the beginning I struggled with paint becoming muddy, cause colors would mix to much on the canvas.But with experience my technique improved and I was able to use more paint without mixing them on the canvas. I have always been strongly attracted by bright, strong, vibrant colors. In 2009 and 2010 and moved into bigger and bigger canvasses. The smallest I would make were 48 x 24 inch or 36 by 36 inch.


I somehow convinced myself that my style needed BIG canvasses.

That of course by itself is already enough motivation for me to find a way to make it work anyway. This journey became more prominent when I started thinking about showing my work in China. If you think about the size of housing in China you know that to tease their senses I had to make art they can actually fit into their houses. The journey started with small pieces of wood that I normally us to prepare my paint. Like the staging area between the tubes of paint and the actual canvas. Over time these boards of wood had become a compilation of paint over paint creating the most fascinating paint sculptures. Since each board had only one basic color i started adding different colors. I sculptured like 20 small wooden board in sizes of roughly 6 x 12 inch. What I didn’t like was the plain wood so eventually I took the experiment of doing the same technique on small canvasses, size 24×24 inch.

To the left: detail of Good Fortune.





#1 Poseidon – 2014 – high 36 x 24 wide

#2   Going All Out – 2014 – high 48 x 24 wide

#3 Tuto Va Bene – 2014 – high 36 x 24 wide

#4 Parading Beauty – 2014 – high 48 x 24 wide

#5 Blondes Have More Fun, Oil on Canvas – 2012 – high 48 x 24 wide

# 6 Watch Me – 2012 – high 48 x 24 wide

#7 – Make me Smile, Oil on Canvas – 2012 – 48 high x 24 wide

#8 Good Fortune – 2014 – 24 high x 24 wide

#9 Dessert blooming – 2014 – 24 high x 24 wide

#10 Mountains of Colors covered with Gold – 2014 – 24 high by 24 wide

#11 Gold Mountains in the country Nowhere – 2014 – 24 high x 24 wide